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We offer packs for companies
schools, colleges,
summer schools and holiday camps.



1) High-Rope Parks
We operate as adventure park constructors. We analize all options to build on trees, roc grounds or artificial structures.

Contact e-mail : montaje@selvaventura.com


2)  Play areas: small tree huts for child's play 

We build play areas consistent of small huts built on trees in urban areas, rural bed and breakfasts,  private gardens and in the private sector.

Contact E-mail : montaje@selvaventura.com

3) Construction of tree huts
We operate as a tree hut design and constructor company. After studying the geographical situation, we offer custom built tree huts for adults and children. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of our individual clients; design projects are adapted to personal demand and budget. Our technology and experience guarantees the quality of our products.

Contact E-mail : montaje@selvaventura.com